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SmurfBerry 1

Smurf Berry Box

Producer: Post 
Year: 1983

This cereal was described on the box as a "Fruity Sweetened Corn, Oat & Wheat Cereal; Fortified with 10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals."

The box featured Papa cutie

Smurf holding a spoonful of the red and purple cereal, while Smurfette and two other Smurfs pick Smurf Berries from a Smurf Berry bush in the background.

In 1987, Post produced a second Smurfs cereal called Smurf Magic Berries; unlike Smurf Berry Crunch, the Magic Berries cereal contained marshmallows. 


Smurf Magic Berries (with Gummi Goodies) next to Smurf Berry Crunch.


The two cereals side-by-side.

Known Prizes:
Smurf Stickers; True Blue Smurf Award Badges; Smurf Campaign Buttons; Smurf Bicycle Plates.

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Box Alternative 1


Box Alternative 2


Smurf Berry Crunch with "Smurf Award".

Smurf Berry Crunch with "Smurf Stickers".

Smurfberry Crunch

Box Alternative 3

Smurf Berry Crunch with "Smurf Rub-Ons"

Smurf Berry Crunch Jingle:

(From TV ad; sung to the tune of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite)

"Smurf Berry Crunch is fun to eat
A Smurfy fruity breakfast treat
Made by Smurfs so happily
It tastes like crunchy Smurf Berries
It's berry shaped and crispy too
In berry red and Smurfy blue."

Smurf Berry Crunch Trivia:
Actor Jack Black (Tropic ThunderSchool Of Rock) once appeared in a Smurf Berry Crunch television commercial.